Best Dyslexia Programs

Dyslexia can be specified at any stage of life. Dyslexia treatment for adults can make smart people frustrated. If they are working then their work seems difficult to them. They should recognize their talent and should work for themselves to get rid of the disorder. Dyslexia can occur at any stage of life as it is the learning inability. People suffering from this may lose their confidence level as they can not work like same as others can do.

For the betterment of the dyslexia patient different programs have been introduced but the best one is Davis dyslexia program. It was introduced by Ronald Davis who says that dyslexia is not just a disorder but it is the special ability of the person to hear, see and think differently. The general or main problems to which a person deal in dyslexia is that at he or she may not understand things as fast as others can but it does not mean that they are dull or not intelligent. In general adults or children who are suffering from dyslexia are labeled as dull just because they do some tasks slow comparatively. People make fun of them so they lost confidence and self-esteem. According to Davis dyslexia in Melbourne, Each and every patient is provided separately with a Davis dyslexia facilitator who also works as a psychologist to built confidence and self-esteem in the patient as the patient of dyslexia needs emotional strength. Davis dyslexia facilitator works on the reading, writing, vocabulary and maths problems of the patient.

The method used for the learning process is the use of clay. Clay is used to making several things and the concept is given according to that thing. Suppose we can make a bird to learn the alphabet b and to also give the concept of fly that a bird flies in the air. Any material of patients interest can be used. Such as we can use sand to take a test of progress that how much learning is done. As one has learned the alphabets so he can draw them with the finger on the sand. Likewise, sums of mathematics can be learned through different interesting methods.

To deal with dyslexia it must be taken under great consideration that dyslexia we are dealing with is of what type. The first type is known as primary dyslexia. It occurs due to the damage in the left side of the brain i.e to the cerebral cortex. Dyslexia occurred due to this reason is difficult to cure. The person has to fight with this until their adult lives. The second type of dyslexia is secondary dyslexia. This type of dyslexia is most common in boys as it occurs due to the developmental disorder of the brain in early stages. Another type is trauma dyslexia. This type of dyslexia usually happens after the passage of trauma which may affect any of the ability of the person i.e reading, writing, learning or any other. Due to dyslexia sometimes a person is even unable to control nerves i.e how to hold a pencil or any gripping activity.