Differences Between A Direct Subsidy Scheme School

Choosing a school for your child to attend is not as straightforward a task as it looks. In fact, for first-time parents in particular, it can be a stressful time. However, there are a few things they can do to ease the process on themselves. One of them involves breaking down the different types of schools to understand each of them well, before committing. Here, we are going to be looking at what is known as a Direct Subsidy Scheme (DSS) institution against other schools that are government-funded to understand why the former is not necessarily the same as the latter.


The main characteristic of a most efficient DSS school is that they enjoy a greater measure of autonomy when it comes to making decisions. That is to say, even though it does receive some funding from the government just like other government-funded schools, it is under no obligation to follow solely their rules. This level of autonomy allows them to offer flexibility with curriculums, allocation of resources and of course, who they want to admit. So even though the government could insist on the admission of students to government-funded schools, they do not have the same leverage with DSS schools.


This is another feature that’s common with such schools. They charge additional fees so as to provide extra facilities and services which, some parents are willing to do. However, this does also mean that such schools are reserved for an elite sector. Having said that, they do offer exceptional facilities for their students making them a much sought-after choice. This sort of system has a different approach to education; one that is above the norm for sure. If you are considering this sort of school, then the first thing would be to assess your budget first.


Not to say that a regular secondary school for example is bad or anything, but a dss secondary school would automatically be considered as a prestigious choice. This is mainly because for one, they charge extra school fees and thereby offer additional facilities and two, they have their own rules that govern them making them independent from outside influence. Often, it is already prestigious schools that convert to this sort of institution, making them even more elite than they were. So children of businessmen or other high-income backgrounds, are often the main attendees.


Again, this is not referring to government-funded schools as lax in any way when it comes to caring for their students. It is about the different ways in which this care is administered. Since elite schools are being paid high amounts in fees, in a way, they have a mandatory responsibility so to speak, to ensure their students enjoy the plushest educational facilities. So in that sense, students definitely experience superior attention and diligent services, which are higher than those who attend government-funded schools.

Why Should You Enroll In A School To Learn How To Drive?

As anyone who is pass their legal age of driving, you would have an interest in getting in to a car of your own and cruising down the highway with the windows down. No one can simply get in to a car and fulfill their dream of going on road trips or just driving around with their friends if you do not how to drive at all. This is where schools come in schools that teach you specifically how to drive and carry on with the right knowledge of road safety for your protection and your passenger’s protection as well. Such schools not only emphasize on how to drive correctly but also how to abide to road rules and become a rightful driver. So if you were thinking of joining a school then look at these reasons as to why you should and confirm your decision.

Best knowledge of road rules

Anyone can simply get in to a car with a person who is already a driver and thus learn from them about how to drive properly but they would not get the proper knowledge of road rules and road safety at all. Instead enrolling in driving lessons in a school will let you have access to individual driving experts who will pay individual attention to you and make you understand how to drive but also how to abide to rules and stay safe all the time while you are driving.

All Confidence

When you self-learn how to drive instead of investing in a good driving instructor you are bound to be running in to a lot of issues and problems as anyone normally would at a certain age. There are many obstacles and problems on the road that will discourage people from driving at all. Once you are with an instructor they make sure you understand that mistakes do happen and that accidents also happen, they praise you for whatever right thing you do so you do not lose confidence.

Avoiding pitfalls

Each year teenage road accidents are only increasing and the main reason for this to happen this way is because a majority of these teenagers do not have an understanding about road safety and road rules and they also do not know how to avoid pitfalls. If they are educated about driving in a proper learning school by an expert instructor they are bound to know how to avoid falling in trouble on the road. This is why it is important to educate teens about driving at a school instead of letting them self-learn.