Different Types Of Behaviour Change Programs

This society works in a civilized manner because of the rules that have been set by the government and the legislative authority. There are rules and laws for almost every action that we take and if these laws are not properly followed then strong penalties are given. Similar is the case with traffic rules which are set to avoid any accidents and unfortunate incidents on the road. These rules may vary from the observance of traffic signals to following the instructions that have been given by the traffic police. If any of these rules are broken then penalty is given. The extent of the penalty is determined by the severity of the rule violation or the offence. In some cases, the driving license of the driver is disqualified as a penalty. This happens mostly in case of drunk driving; license can only be re-claimed by taking the proper course of behaviour change program drink drive. In this article, we will be discussing about the different types of behaviour change programs.

Behaviour change programs:

Behaviour change programs are the programs in which such methods are carried out that they change such behaviour of a person which might cause any harm to the society. This behaviour change program is about three to four days long and approximately consists of ten to fifteen hours. This program is taught in various stages which may differ from the thorough understanding to the group meetings. There are various types of behaviour change programs for various activities.

Different types of behaviour change programs:

There are different types of behaviour change programs but we will stick with such behaviour change programs which are related with the traffic in one way or another. One such type of a behaviour change program is the accredited driver education program. This is the kind of program which helps the person from the habit of drunk driving and when the person completes this program then the registered certificate is given to him which ensures the traffic authority to give the driving license to the driver. Then there is behaviour change program for alcohol assessment in which the breathalyser determines the proportion of alcohol consumption by checking the person’s blood alcohol concentration. In Australia, the proportion of alcohol level should not exceed the limit of 0.5 otherwise the person will be given severe penalty.

Similarly, there is the behaviour change drink drive program which helps the person in understanding the risks that can take place as the consequence of drunk driving or drug driving.


We often see that a person gets arrested and his driving license gets disqualified because of the offence of drunk driving. This license can be re-claimed by taking the behaviour change program. It is the program which acknowledges the person about the fact that how his certain actions are proving to be fatal for the society. There are different types of behaviour change programs which aware the people about the consequences of drunk driving and many other things. “Drink drive assist” offers the best behaviour change program.