Tips For Scoring High On Your PTE Exam

PTE or the Pearson Test of English tests the proficiency of the exam taker via the computer. It evaluates the writing, reading, speaking and listening skills of the exam taker. It is widely popular as it gives fast results. You will usually be able to have your results within 5 business days. It is used for student visas and also visas in Australia and UK border agency visas.

Most people are unaware of how the exam is conducted so there is a certain difficulty in preparing for the exam. What you need to know when preparing for it is to use correct punctuations. If you are asked to summarize something on the PTE test, you have to keep the summary between 5 – 75 words. If your answer was more or less than this, you will not be scored. You will have to identify what the main topic is when you’re writing an essay. You need to know what the body of the essay should be concerned with and what kind of views you can put forth on it.

When it comes to the speaking section of the PTE academic practice test, you need to make sure that your responses are made quickly. Your microphone is going to stop recording if you have been silent for 3 second. You will be given some time to read about the task and understand it before you are supposed to answer it. Since this test is done through the computer, you have to speak clearly so that your answer is properly recorded. You can learn about the correct way to speak by listening to the TV, talking with someone who is good at English, watching videos online and repeating after them etc. You need to be confident in what you say. Speak naturally and be fluent when you’re reading a text. You need to be confident in what you say. You can use punctuation as a guide to break the text into sections and help you carry your pace. This will give you a natural flow during speaking. You need to improve your grammar and your vocabulary so that you’re able to read and speak properly.

Whatever you have written should be checked again so that you can make sure that you haven’t made any grammar or spelling mistakes. You will have to save some time so that you can go through your answers and recheck them. You have to prepare yourself well and make sure you are well aware of the structure of the test before you take it. You also need to be attentive during the exam and not let your mind wander. Otherwise, you may lose track of a few questions.